By the way they'd been practicing chin waggers their whole doggone lives, you wouldn't think " The Gossips" was the happy accident that it was. 

Working on recording tirelessly, their sleeves rolled up with tears freely flowing, the planet suddenly paused a moment in silence the minute Nici said "Did you hear about that guy who stole those birds?" Brian said "WHAT?" and two stars were born to three loving alien parents in a galaxy far, far away. Fact**


** names, places, events, and other minute details may have been changed to protect the innocent.



                        BRIAN BETHKE



   Brian Bethke is an American singer-songwriter known for his silky-smooth voice and lasting impact
on the hearts of his fans and listeners. Bethke has seven self-released albums and is currently
working in the studio on album number eight.
   Bethke’s music has been featured on radio stations around the world. He’s appeared on WPR’s "Spectrum West", "Big River Radio Waves" and scores the quirky music for PBS’s wildly popular television show, "Around The Farm Table." He’s also been a regular on Eau Claire’s WAXX 104.5’s morning show, and books the acts for “Park Beats,” Osseo’s summertime concert in the park series on Monday afternoons.
   Annually, Bethke is voted into the top three in the "Best Folk Singer" category of “The Best of the Chippewa Valley,” organized by Volume One in Eau Claire. He has won numerous times over the past 10 years.
   Early in his career he won a songwriting contest for the movie, “The Last Rites Of Ransom Pride”, starring Dwight Yoakom and Kris Kristofferson during which he gained the attention of Jon Lennon’s publicist, Bruce Replogle. Replogle said Bethke’s collaboration with Peter Phippen was, “Real Top- notch. The unmistakeable sound of cool intelligence rings through with every note.”
   While Bethke is a full-time working musician, he also is the lead singer and guitar player for the grunge rock foursome, The Broken Eights, and plays mandolin and sings with the folk group, Merry Weathers.